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Hotbit Referral Code : 4495077

May 3, 2022
Hotbit Referral Code

Hotbit Invitation Code is: 4495077

Hotbit is a crypto exchange founded in 2018 with global headquarters in Hong Kong.

Hotbit is well known for its negative creation rate “-0.10%”. What this means is that you get funding if you use the exchange.

An easy way to trade crypto pairs on Hotbit is to select from over 160. A great example is BTC/ETH.

Hotbit thinks that the decentralized cryptocurrencies are going to transform the whole financial system around the world and provide everybody with nicely efficient crypto circulation, fairer distribution system and more reliable trading transactions.

The foundation of trust-transaction is the larger ledger and smart contract technology system, It removes the trading issues, improves trading efficiencies, and creates a large impact on the worldwide economy.

Hotbit Referral Bonus

Hotbit has officially created the invitation function. Now you can invite your friends to register into Hotbit account and earn up to 2 tier commissions as a reward!

When you invite a friend and he creates a new account, you can get up to 60% of every of his transactions, Hotbit distributes the commissions between its referrals.

Also if your friend brings another friend to the Hotbit platform and he creates a new account, you can also get awarded, you can get up to 15% of every real transaction of your friends friend

It is not allowed to create multiple accounts by the same user to get benefit from this, Hotbit can detect it and they can delete your account and not being able to trade in this platform anymore.

Hotbit Referral Code

How to use the Hotbit code?

First, copy the referral code by clicking the code on this page (4495077). After this go to Hotbit’s website at and put the code in the form entry box at the register process.

And that is it, once you successfully create your account, you can use the platform and trade any pair